Dealing With Wind Damage in Western New York

It’s been a difficult winter in Western New York. It may be spring, but it’s hard to tell! We’ve dealt with a lot of storms this past season; so much so, that homeowners around the region sent in photos of wind damage their homes had to endure. When a strong storm hits, homeowners may find that their siding is damaged or their shingles ripped from the roof. Wind damage can prove to be a serious problem for homeowners. The damage might not always be as identifiable as you’d think, either. So how should Western New York homeowners deal with wind damage?

Identify the damage.

Home damage typically depends on the type of storm. Wind damage is caused by high speed, certain directions and excessive duration. Not only can wind break your windows, it can cause tree branches to fall and damage your roof or garage. If you find missing trim, soffit or roof shingles -- try to remember a recent storm. Understanding the type of storm is important to know what to expect in the future!

Not all damage is as obvious as a tree falling on your garage. Check your attic for leaks or water damage; this will help decipher if there’s roof damage you need to repair or replace. Another place to check will be your yard and the exterior of your home. Look for shingles, metal or other materials that could be displaced from the storm. Remember to stay safe. Avoid going on the roof to see if there’s damage -- leave that to a professional.

Now what?

Homeowner’s insurance is a nice first step. Call your agent. Homeowners insurance usually covers wind damage. Remember, some insurance companies will cancel your insurance for not keeping up with home maintenance. It’s smart to keep up with your home, and your agent, to remain insured. For example, if your roof is damaged by wind and is 20+ years old, it most likely needs to be replaced instead of repaired to remain fully insured.

Next, you want to take the necessary steps to finding the right contractor. If your home damage is significant enough, you’ll want to find a trustworthy and credible company. Ensure the contractor you select is an expert in roof repair, especially when there’s wind/storm damage. Consult with your contractor and insurance agent on the most appropriate material to use. This is an important decision to prevent future damage.

How Stockmohr can help.

While some wind damage is minor, it can cause structural damage to parts of your home. For a safe and reliable solution, Stockmohr is at your side. We understand the weather Western New York homes experience because we live here too! If your home has suffered wind damage from this past season, call us for a free in-home estimate to inspect it for you. Stockmohr will replace your entire roof or just one roof plane if that is all you need. It’s the Stockmohr way!