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Ply Gem gutter systems and gutter protection, such as Leaf Relief, give homeowners a solution that works the first time, every time. Ply Gem's patented products give you peace of mind by strengthening your gutters and keeping debris out, allowing water to flow freely and the beauty of your home to be maintained.

Website: www.plygem.com

Heavy Duty Seamless Aluminum Gutters

In the beginning, Stockmohr had one old truck and one used gutter machine. While it wasn't much, our integrity and drive to give Western New Yorkers the best gutter service was what kept us going. And while we have more machines, more trucks and more employees, our drive and commitment has not changed.

For over 35  years, our Stockmohr experts have been replacing, old, clogged gutters with new and functional ones. We have the ability to install the perfect gutter to match or compliment your home.

We also offer Leaf Relief, the most effective gutter protection on the market. Leaf Relief is invisible - it lays flat and fits tightly on top to ensure no debris ruins your gutters. These can be applied to both new or existing gutters and are backed by a 25 year no clog manufacturer's warranty

Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Over 35 years ago StockMohr started with one old truck and one used Gutter machine. We still manufacture heavy .032" thick 5" seamless aluminum gutters on the job site today and install the stronger, preferred method of hidden hanger with screw. Downspouts in 2"x3" or 3"x4" jumbo size can be installed to match gutter color or in a complimentary color of your choice.

Commercial .032" thick 6" wide seamless aluminum gutters are available in limited colors on a special order basis only.


StockMohr is pleased to offer LEAF RELIEF®; the only gutter cover we've ever carried that works! LEAF RELIEF® is not only the most effective gutter protection system on the market, it is also the most invisible. LEAF RELIEF® lays flat and fits snugly on top of your gutter. This design eliminates what we call the"waterfall " effect of water cascading over the front of the gutter in heavy rain like Niagara Falls. LEAF RELIEF® has applications for both new gutter installs and retrofit of existing gutters, all acked by a 25 year no clog manufacturer's warranty.