Double Hung Windows

A widely popular choice, double hung windows create a classic and contemporary appearance while simplifying the upkeep of your home. The combination of the low-profile sash and mainframe come together to create a fresh appearance for your home.

Double hung windows are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional - the energy-saving construction protects your home with a strong, durable shield. Another bonus is their easy-care, easy-cleaning abilities. Both sashes tilt in to allow convenient cleaning from the inside of your home - no ladders needed!

Double Hung Windows Williamsville, NY


Key Features

  • High-performance insulated glass unit with double-strength glass and warm-edge spacer system.
  • Integrated construction provides insulating air spaces, which increase energy efficiency and durability.
  • Sash-to-sill nested interlock increases strength to prevent bowing in extreme winds.
  • Sloped sill drains allow for water to be transported quickly to the exterior to help prevent moisture build up.
  • Duralift block and tackle balance system ensures years of easy and smooth operation of the sashes.
Buffalo Double Hung Windows
Double Hung Windows in Buffalo