Storm Doors

The importance of a quality storm door cannot be overstated; that's why, at Stockmohr, we install storm doors from ProVia - the most durable in the industry. With an aluminium thickness that is 20% greater than the industry standard and a multi-hollow construction, ProVia storm doors have a low risk of denting and are created for high-quality durability and performance. 

Shielding your entryway from the elements is a necessary part of being a homeowner, but it's important to also enjoy the way your front door looks. With 54 aluminum storm door models and multiple glass options, selecting a customized storm door for your home is simple with Stockmohr by your side. 

Spectrum Storm Doors

Built for functionality, durability and attractiveness, the ProVia Spectrum Series includes a top and bottom InVent™ screen system that retracts and provides various venting options. Available in 16 models with a variety of glass and color options, the Spectrum Series will improve ventilation and your home's curb appeal. Spectrum series additional features include:

  • Two InVent™ retractable screens
  • Triple seal bottom sweep
  • 1 1/4" x 4 3⁄16" wide sculptured frame
Buffalo, NY Storm Door Installation



If heavy duty is your thing, then DuraGuard is the appropriate storm door selection for your home. Complete with heavy-duty, non-removable stainless steel screening, DuraGuard allows visibility with the ultimate protection. Additional features of DuraGuard:

  • Double seal bottom sweep
  • Non-removable .023 stainless steel screen (only available on DuraGuard storm doors)
  • 11/4" x 3 5⁄8" wide sculptured frame
Buffalo, NY Storm Doors


Decorator Storm Doors

Who says securing the entrance of your home with a storm door is only for practicality? Decorator Series storm doors are stylish yet durable, showcasing the entryway of your home with visual appeal and functionality. Decorator features include:

  • Triple seal bottom sweep
  • 11/4" x 4" wide sculptured frame
  • Stylish, fresh look for your entryway
Buffalo, NY Storm Door Install



No matter your concern - ventilation, additional light or protection from the elements - the Deluxe Series storm doors are a convenient hybrid to address all needs. Match the style of your home with dozens of options and color choices, making the Deluxe Series an easy choice for every home. Additional features include:

  • Double seal bottom sweep
  • 11/4" x 35⁄8" wide sculptured frame
  • BetterVue™ Fiberglass Screen
Storm Doors in Buffalo, NY


Superview Storm Doors

Slender-framed and constructed for style and value, Superview storm doors are the whole package for any budget and any need. With various style and color options, Superview is a great choice for the homeowner looking for an all-in-one storm door for their entryway. Superview key features include:

  • Single seal bottom sweep
  • 11/4" x 25⁄8" sculptured frame
  • BetterVue™ Fiberglass Screen 
Buffalo, NY Storm Doors