Vinyl Soffit

Thinking of choosing a fully vented soffit installation for your home siding? Made with high-quality polymer materials, soffit provides sufficient ventilation for your home that prevents potentially harmful moisture from remaining inside. Without proper ventilation, condensation can lead to inconvenient damages like ice build-up, rotting, mold and mildew. 

Stockmohr offers three types of fully vented vinyl soffit to protect your home - inside and out. No matter the style of your home, our Woodhaven, Beaded and Universal Soffit will enable you to install siding with guaranteed performance and a wide range of color options for a custom look.

Woodhaven Soffit

Built with a hidden ventilation system, Woodhaven allows your home to have superb air ventilation without changing its appearance. Woodhaven vinyl soffit adds sustainability to your home with two choices of style (solid soffit or hidden vent) and a latex soft matte impression for a simple, sleek look. Key features of Woodhaven soffit include:

  • AirCanal channel venting provides air circulation without changing the exterior look 
  • Soffit profiles Triple 3 1/3-inch hidden vent and triple 3 1/3-inch solid soffit (not for use vertical siding)
  • Dual channel stability
  • Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection 
  • Hidden vent style available in 29 colors
  • Solid soffit style available in 10 colors
  • Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty 
Buffalo, NY Vinyl Soffit


Beaded Soffit

Beaded soffit contains beaded reinforcement with a soft mill grain impression to give your home an extra layer of security without sacrificing any visual appeal. It's humble, yet high-quality polymer material is great for any home needing air ventilation and extra protection from the elements. Enjoy additional features of Beaded soffit: 
  • AirCanal channel venting provides air circulation without sacrificing exterior aesthetic
  • Soffit profiles: Triple 1 3/4-inch (plus bead) hidden vent and triple 1 3/4-inch (plus bead) solid
  • Dual channel stability
  • Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection 
  • Available in four colors
  • Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty
Buffalo, NY Soffit Siding



Universal Soffit
If you are a homeowner who likes to have it all, ProVia's Universal vinyl soffit is an excellent option. With six different styles available, it's sure to suit your home's appearance while keeping it protected, ventilated and secure. The Universal soffit has a latex soft matte impression and controlled air design, making it ideal for every home. Additional features include:
  • Soffit profiles (not for use as vertical siding): 
    • -Triple 4-inch center vent drilled
    • Triple 4-inch full vent drilled
    • Triple 4-inch solid
    • Double 5-inch solid
    • Double 5-inch full vent drilled
    • Drilled aeration
  • Deep V-groove engineering
  • Color-Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection
  • Available in 14 colors
  • Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty
Buffalo, NY Soffit