Energy StarĀ® Performance In Your Home

When you see the ENERGY STAR® symbol, you know you can count on a product to save you money. After all, it’s the label established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to show that a product is energy efficient, without compromising on performance. A product can earn the ENERGY STAR® label by meeting a number of specifications, such as a window providing significant insulation standards. To earn the label, products must provide a significant amount of energy savings over the course of use, while offering the same capabilities as competitors. The EPA tests ENERGY STAR® candidates to ensure their performance is as advertised, but it also reviews results of the product overtime. The government-backed program promotes an environmentally-friendly home, while giving homeowners the opportunity to save on energy bills.

How do ENERGY STAR® products compare with their counterparts?

ENERGY STAR® is a simple choice for homeowners. Investing in energy efficiency means that you can run your home at reduced cost, without having to sacrifice your comfort in the process.

ENERGY STAR®-certified doors and windows, which focus on improving the insulation of your home, deliver quality and savings you can count on. Homeowners have the ability to earn  ENERGY STAR® for their entire home, becoming 15%-30% more efficient than the average home! So, what kind of products does this include? ENERGY STAR® reviews and certifies heating & cooling systems, lighting and appliances, windows, roofing, insulation and much more. Designed for reduced utility and maintenance costs, installing products with the blue ENERGY STAR® label are proven to enhance the value and efficiency of any home.

How can Stockmohr help homeowners interested in ENERGY STAR® products?

Stockmohr carries a wide range of ENERGY STAR®-certified doors, windows, siding and more. Our experts know the benefits of energy efficiency, and we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading brands devoted to making a difference -- just like us. At Stockmohr, we represent great products, and our installation is second to none because it’s focused on great workmanship. You can count on a smooth installation to ensure that you benefit from your new ENERGY STAR®-certified products right away. Want to know what your home’s ENERGY STAR® rating is? You can find out here to figure out what you may need for a more energy efficient home!  

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