Getting Your Gutters Ready For Spring

It may seem like spring is arriving slowly in Western New York, but as the weather begins to warm up, lots of changes occur. Flowers bloom, birds chip and your gutters need to be taken care of. Wait, gutters? Spring is a great time for homeowners to do some maintenance -- including cleaning or replacing gutters. Depending on the type of gutters you have, you may only need to do some minor cleaning; however, for some, snow and ice buildup cause gutters to sag and become dysfunctional. Here's a few things to know when getting your gutters back on track for warm weather:

Gutter Screws vs. Spikes

There’s two common options for gutters -- fastening screws or nail spikes. If you live in an ever-changing climate like Western New York, you want your gutters to have screws. Spikes involve a metal tube used inside the gutter for durability, to keep it from bending. The spikes are driven into the gutter, which are loosened when the gutters are pulled from the fascia due to ice accumulation. Over a period of time, the spikes will be forced out; you can hammer the spikes back in, but the spikes have lost their ability to hold and will continue to fall out. This is why screws are ideal. If your home is susceptible to issues such as ice dams, you want to have strong gutter support to avoid sagging and other complications.

Clean, Functional Gutters

Gutter maintenance can be difficult if you aren’t fond of ladders, but it’s necessary to keep them clear of debris and leaves. After all, gutters protect your roof, walls and foundation from an overflow of rainwater. If you like a hands-off approach to home maintenance, even in spring, consider arming your gutters with Leaf Relief®.The invisible, flat cover can be applied to both new or existing gutters and blocks unwanted debris. Backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, Leaf Relief® is a great way to enjoy worry-free gutters.

Clean, Functional Gutters

Stockmohr has replaced gutters in the Buffalo area for over 35 years. If your gutters need to be replaced, we’ve got you covered. The products we use matter to us; that’s why we manufacture heavy .032" thick 5" seamless aluminum gutters on-site and install the stronger, preferred method of a hidden hanger with screws. Downspouts in 2"x3" or 3"x4" jumbo size can be installed to match gutter color, or in a complimentary color. When it comes to gutters, go the Stockmohr way!

Interested in replacing or covering your gutters this spring? Contact a Stockmohr expert today to get started on your free estimate!