How to Prepare For A Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof on your home is a big project that increases the value of your home and protects it (and you) for years to come. A new roof adds a whole new level of appeal to your home and it’s definitely sroof replacement omething to be excited about! Once you find the right contractor you’ll want to prepare your home for the project. 

You may not be doing the roof work, but there are several proactive steps you can take to help things run smoothly: 

Family, neighbors & pets

During the installation of a new roof, there is bound to be some noise and commotion. Work zones are not safe for children or pets and developing an “off-limits zone” during the project will help keep the area safe for all. Sometimes it helps to take the kids and the dog to a family member or friend’s home while the installation is in progress.

Being a good neighbor goes a long way. While a new roof improves the value of your home and the surrounding neighborhood, your neighbor will appreciate a heads up about your roof project. You should have a planned time frame for the project and sharing it with your neighbors will give them an opportunity to adjust their schedules if needed. 

Prepare the outside of your home

Creating a clear environment for your roofing contractor for their tools and vehicles is important. Contractors must have quick access to their equipment to ensure the project stays on the planned timeline. If possible, park your cars in the street so they aren’t taking up space or near falling debris; it may help to also close your garage door to keep out debris out of the garage too. 
While a good contractor will perform a thorough clean-up after the project, having trimmed grass and vegetation will make it easier. You’ll also want to relocate patio furniture, grills and anything that may be in the workspace; power outlets will be needed so a clear space helps them be readily accessible. If your yard has flowers or vegetation that is managed but you’re worried about debris -- place a tarp over it during the project to ensure it stays clear. 

Lastly, if you have a satellite on your roof it will need to be removed temporarily. You can notify your cable provider to request moving it during the roof installation. This will ensure you can go back to regular programming as soon as the project is complete!

Prepare the inside of your home 

A lot of the prep work you’ll do for a roof replacement will be done outdoors, but there are a few things to take care of inside too. To be safe, remove hanging mirrors and pictures on the walls that could be shifted or dropped due to wall vibrations from the project. Your house isn’t going to shake but it’s always best to protect valuables when possible!

If you keep personal items in your attic, you can cover them with old sheets or a tarp to protect them from falling debris and dust. Light vacuuming in the attic is normal after a roof replacement, so, keep that in mind if you have any valuables stored up there.

Leave the rest to the experts

Stockmohr is Western New York’s best choice when it comes to roofing. We know that construction can be an inconvenience at times, but our experts ensure a quick and easy process that will leave you feeling only one thing -- excited about your new roof!