Is Your Front Door Ready For Winter?

Steel Front Door Ready For WinterWith temperatures dropping, skies darkening and Canadian geese honking, all the usual suspects have gathered for winter’s arrival in Western New York. While you stock your pantry and dig out seasonal decorations for your home, you’ll also want to check on your front door. By catching problems early in winter, you can avoid costlier repairs later on. 

Bone-chilling drafts

No one likes feeling a cold draft cutting sharply into their home, but there are ways to fix that. By inspecting your door, you might find old caulking, damaged weatherstripping and other gaps around the door frame. For minor fixes, you can look at some of our specific tips for Staying Draft Free This Winter. However, if there are any significant gaps in your door, it may be quicker and safer to have a professional come and help.  

Difficulty closing or opening the door

With the change in weather, the pieces holding your door might have changed. The bitter cold can cause connecting joints and pieces to come loose, making it difficult to open or close your door.  

Tighten the strike plate

If your door is not closing correctly, make sure your strike plate (the metal piece with holes in it attached to your doorframe) is lined up correctly to the latch. If it is misaligned, tightening screws may quickly fix it, but if there was improper installation, the plate may need to be repositioned completely. 

Secure loose hinges

Additionally, check if your door fits the frame squarely. Any sagging of the door or crookedness make it a challenge to open or close your door. While this may stem from improper installation you can still check and tighten loose hinges at the top of the door frame. If that does not fix it, you may need to sand the bottom of the door or completely replace the door for a fresh fitting and sealing.

Loud squeaking and creaking

While it may not take a lot of strength to open your door, perhaps it’s not easy on the ears. Harsh squeaking and creaking indicate a need for lubrication on the hinges. Open the door fully and apply a lubricant of choice (ie. petroleum jelly). Following application, open and close the door fully to see if all the noise is gone. 

Exterior Improvements

Some doors may fade over time, whether from exposure to sunlight, rain or snow. If that is the case, you may consider adding a new coat of paint to make your home look more vibrant during winter. A more pressing concern is if your door has cracks in it, often a result of warping or rotting materials. To address this problem, we recommend choosing a durable fiberglass or steel entry door as a replacement. 

Western New York Door Specialists

With over 35 years of experience in Western New York, Stockmohr employs a professional team that has helped homeowners prepare for every kind of weather. If you have any concerns about your front door, contact us today to receive our assistance and be prepared for winter!