Replacing A Skylight: 6 Reasons Why You Should

VELUX SkylightsWhen something brings light into our lives, we appreciate it. The same goes for the skylights in your home. While skylights are an undeniable highlight of any room, there are a few signs that may have you thinking you need to update them! Of course, replacing them during re-roofing will typically save you money, sometimes you just need to replace only your skylights. If you don’t notice anything wrong, should you replace them? We’ll shed some light on it for you. 

3 signs you should replace your skylights


When you live in a climate like Western New York, there is typically a huge difference between the internal conditions of your home and the outdoors. When there is humidity, condensation will likely follow, forming on the skylight glass. Consistent condensation pools can cause leaks that lead to water damage. If you notice this is a problem, you’ll want to get it inspected.

Water Leaks

Some skylight materials expand when exposed to heat or water; combine that with inclement weather and your skylights may start to leak! If your skylights are leaking, you’ll notice dripping or pooling water around or under the skylight. Over time, discoloration or bulging can occur on the interior drywall. Make sure to get this looked at because mold can eventually form in these areas from water damage!

Expanding Cracks

Glass isn’t invincible. Skylights are exposed to rain, snow, ice, humidity, wind--you name it. Fallen branches and other debris can also cause damage to your skylights. Older models of skylights are made with acrylic (plastic), which makes them more vulnerable as time goes on. Not all cracks are visible, but the damage they can cause will be eventually. 

3 benefits of replacing skylights

VELUX Skylight modelWarranty

Stockmohr offers VELUX residential skylights to our customers that include a “no leak” manufacturer’s warranty for 10 years; this is an industry first and something homeowners can feel good about when replacing skylights for any reason. If the skylights in your home are an older model, updating them with VELUX skylight replacement glass that is backed up for 10 years will protect your investment while you enjoy some extra daylight in your home.  

Improved insulation and energy efficiency

Updating skylights with newer models result in better technology and performance. VELUX replacement skylights have an advanced Low-E3 coating that provides more daylight and stronger heat control than any other glass in the industry. When the purpose of a skylight is to brighten and refresh a room, you want to be sure it does just that!

More daylight, fresh air, and a better indoor climate

The environment in your home is vital. Not only will more daylight raise the value of your home, but it’ll also completely change the feel of the room. Ventilation and sun screening are important partners in providing a better indoor climate. You’ll want a new skylight model like VELUX to ensure there are options for ventilation and other features not found in older skylights. 

Installing replacement skylights right the first time

The installation of a skylight is equally as important as the quality of the glass and model. VELUX replacement skylights do not take long to install, but they must be done carefully and the right way. At Stockmohr, we do the job right the first time, every time. If you’re interested in replacement skylights or want to update them during a roof replacement… ‘tis the season! Get started today with a free estimate.