Why Proper Siding & Home Insulation Is Important

Siding and insulation are a powerful duo that every homeowner should take full advantage of. Proper siding and insulation will protect your home, provide superior moisture management and create a comfortable environment during any season. Not only will the pair add to your curb appeal, it'll help you save on energy bills while increasing your home's resale value. There are a lot of benefits that siding and insulation work together to produce! With this in mind, choosing the right kind of siding and insulation is important.
The right vapor barrier will keep the area between the insulation and wall free of moisture. The wrong type of insulation can actually hold moisture in place, causing expensive problems such as mold and mildew, and may even warp the structure of your home. So, what is the best option? We recommend rigid foam insulation, which is formed directly to the siding. This type of insulation is not only effective in preventing moisture, it's more durable and shock-resistant. At Stockmohr, we pride ourselves on offering the industry's best. ProVia's CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding uses a rigid foam insulation for optimal performance. CedarMAX works to protect your home from damage, while providing one of the most energy-efficient claddings available.
Working together is key. You can have one of the thickest siding options on the market, but you'll still need proper insulation behind it for support. Rigid foam insulation will provide a tight, dry environment while vinyl siding shields and protects. Insulation controls heat flow. To put this in perspective, heat lost in the winter will be replaced by your heating system, and the heat from summer must be replaced by your air conditioning. The right insulation will maintain heat flow by providing resistance to it.
You deserve the best for your home. Deciding to repair or replace your siding/insulation can be a difficult decision. That's why we offer ProVia's industry-leading CedarMAX vinyl siding, with a warranty to back it up. With proper siding to resist damage including fading, cracking or thermal expansion, CedarMAX is the premier choice in siding. We offer free estimates for installation and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process! With proper installation of state-of-the-art siding and insulation, the comfort and savings you'll experience will keep your family content for years to come.
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