Why You Should Let The Factory Stain Your Door

As a homeowner, you probably enjoy a good do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement project every now and then. A lot goes into staining and finishing an entry door, so before you make the decision to do it yourself, there’s a few things to take into consideration: 


A common mistake of DIY door staining is insufficient preparation. It’s important to actually remove your door and lay it flat to avoid unwanted runs in the stain. You will want to remove the current finish and clean the door to provide a clean slate for the new stain. These beginning steps require careful attention and patience. When your door comes from ProVia’s factory, the official provider for Stockmohr entry doors, it’s prepared with the utmost care. For example, ProVia’s Heritage Fiberglass and Legacy Steel doors are primed with a 2-part urethane, catalyst-hardened base coat by a robotic reciprocating paint system. This ensures that any stain or finish applied to the door has a proper base to grip the coats layered on top.

Color & Application

So, your door is prepped and ready for its finish, but is it the right color? It’s important to test colors before determining which stain to use -- but that requires buying multiple products and testing them on parts of the door that aren’t noticeable. There can be a lot of challenges with a DIY door staining project. If you are happy with the selected color, making sure it goes on evenly is very important; thistocks takes precision. Avoiding blotchy stains or an uneven application can be difficult for someone staining their door for the first time. Another common mistake is using excess stain, resulting in a longer dry time and less of a smooth, even finish. With ProVia entry doors, each door is hand-sanded and has a hand-applied finish formulated exclusively for each type: steel or fiberglass. With a stain provided by the factory, there’s no mishaps in the application process. 

Quality & Durability

Some things are better left to the professionals. While anyone is capable of staining their own door, when it comes to the longevity of your investment -- enlisting a professional is the best bet. At Stockmohr, we pride ourselves on providing the best in the industry. All ProVia entry doors have a layer of 2-part urethane, catalyst- hardened clear coat with UV protection. Each door is oven-cured twice, ensuring a long-lasting finish. An entry door secures your home and has the opportunity to add curb appeal, so making sure it’s well-protected is important! 


Who doesn’t love a guarantee? Entry door system providers should typically offer a warranty, protecting your new investment. If you mess up your door staining at home, you’ll have to sand the door and start from scratch. If your entryway doesn’t include a storm door, you definitely want to consider a door finish that is protected under warranty. ProVia offers a 10-year warranty on the finishes for their Signet door, and a 7-year warranty for the finishes on the Legacy and Heritage doors. Warranted against flaking, checking, blistering or peeling -- you can rest assured that your entryway will be kept in great condition for years to come.

Make the Difference

Before making the choice on your entry door stain, check with a professional! As one of the leading providers in Western New York, Stockmohr is proud to offer you a free estimate on all of your entry door needs. To get started on a beautiful, long-lasting finish for your entry door, contact Stockmohr today. You’ll be glad you did!