A Closer Look at the Heritage® Shingle

The HERITAGE® Shingle

Express your style and showcase the beauty of your home with the
rustic hues and bold textures of Heritage® Series Laminated Asphalt Shingles. HERITAGE® shingles have a fiberglass mat construction with a random-cut sawtooth design. Two layers of mat are coated with asphalt, surfaced with mineral granules and then laminated together. Also includes a self-sealing strip of asphalt.

Key Features

  1. Double-layer area for fastening
  2. Shadowtone feature adds dimension, depth of appearance and curb appeal
  3. Random-cut sawtooth design adds beauty to replicate a wood-shake look
  4. Self-sealing strip of asphalt on bottom-side
  5. Moisture-resistant weathering-grade asphalt coating
  6. Asphalt laminate adhesive
  7. Fiberglass mat
Heritage Shingle Installation