Amherst, NY Roof Repair

High winds fly over Amherst at all times of year. In western New York, brutal winters bring Alberta Clippers and the occasional Polar Vortex, in summer thunderstorms with straight-line winds wreak havoc. Your roof never gets a break from the elements and it can show. High winds can cause substantial damage to shingles and other roofing components, causing a breakdown in your defense against the elements. Roof repairs in Amherst are a fact of life, and when you want a team who can complete the job right the first time and on budget, you contact Stockmohr.

Roof Repair Services AvailableAmherst, NY Roof Repairs

Shingle damage can occur suddenly, such as when a tornado or high straight-line winds move through your neighborhood, usually related to summer thunderstorms. Damage can also accumulate over time, often related to icing events such a ice dams and snow accumulation. While both types of damage can cause long-lasting effects within your home, damage over time is usually not noticed right away and can be very expensive to repair once found.

Comprehensive Maintenance & Roof Repair 

Many homeowners call Stockmohr for their roof repairs in Amherst after a tornado or sudden storm event, but few think to have an inspection in the spring time. This is once maintenance option than can save you substantially in the long run. Our contractors are experts in locating ice dam damage as well as areas of concern that should be repaired prior to heavy spring rains.

Prevent Extensive Damage in Amherst

Once water gets into your home through a opening in your roof, mildew and mold will grow quickly, which can have devastating health affects on your family. Put a stop to roof damage before water damage happens with a yearly inspection from Stockmohr to check for hidden damage and get your Amherst roof repairs completed by trained experts without a hassle and without waiting until it's too late.

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