Kenmore Roof Repairs

Roof disasters can strike at any time. In Western New York, the old adage "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" could not be more true. New Yorkers, such as the community of Kenmore, know how to handle harsh conditions and fluctuating weather. Unfortunately, the extremes of seasonal living can cause havoc with your roof and send you scrambling to find someone reputable to conduct Kenmore roof repairs in an emergency. Stockmohr, a locally owned business, has been helping Kenmore residents with affordable roofing repairs for over a generation and offers knowledgeable and friendly service, on time and on budget.

Roofing Repair ServicesKenmore Roof Repairs

In Kenmore and the greater Western New York area, there are generally two types of roof repairs. Emergency roof repairs are caused by sudden damage. These are the types of events that lead most homeowners to file claims with their insurance companies. Stockmohr is able to work with your claims adjuster to estimate damage quickly and accurately. Emergency damage is usually related to falling objects (such as trees), hail storms, straight-line winds and tornados. This type of damage can leave your home open to the elements allowing further destruction. It is important to contact Stockmohr to mitigate these types of problems and prevent further damage from occurring.

Preventative Maintenance 

Long-term damage is a very real and common cause of roof repairs. This is often caused by long-term leaking problems and winter related destruction, such as ice dams. These types of damage are less likely to be covered by homeowner's insurance so it is important to identify and repair any roof damage quickly before problems pile up. A yearly inspection often helps target potential problem areas and allows Stockmohr to conduct roof repairs before damage occurs. Whether you need repairs fast, or just want to preserve the life of your roof, Stockmohr is your ideal partner for Kenmore roof repairs.