Lancaster, NY Doors

Lancaster, NY DoorsAre you a Lancaster, NY homeowner, a landlord, or do you have an intention of building a house? Your front door is a vital part of your home. However, many homeowners struggle to find reliable, dependable door service providers in the Lancaster area. Stockmohr is the answer to your problem! Contact our expert team for door installations, door replacements and more. 

Door Installation Services

Installing a door can be a challenge due to leveling concerns. Our Stockmohr door service providers ensure that they take the most accurate measurements. They secure the frame and fix it into place firmly before fitting the door. For quality assurance, our installers test it to assure the customer that the door has been appropriately fixed.

Replacement Doors in Lancaster

The entrance to a house or any Lancaster, NY building says a lot of what may be inside. Over time, doors become worn out, damaged, or even simply out of style, and it becomes time to search for a replacement door. Stockmohr has a wide variety of doors available for your home, in varying matierals, finishes, and colors, so that you can match the beauty of your front door to the beauty of your home. 

Door Repairs

Do you have a broken door? Either the hinges are loose, or the lock is not functioning? These are even more areas where the Stockmohr team can help. We provide all kinds of common door repairs that will return your front door to its former fully-operational glory. 

During these services, the team will also perform a door inspection. This involves the inspection of the doorways, mostly the wooden ones, to ensure that they are in good condition. Our installers will inspect your door to ensure everything is in working order, and may suggest various repairs or perhaps a full door replacement if issues are found in your Lancaster door. 

Contact Stockmohr for Doors in Lancaster

No matter the door service you need, Stockmohr is here to help! Contact our expert team today to get started on your Lancaster door service.