Lewiston Window Replacement

Windows provide you with a much needed view of the outside world, but when cold air and moisture are coming in your home, it's time to contact the experts in Lewiston window replacement. Well constructed windows will pay for themselves over the long run. Old, drafty windows can increase your heating and cooling bills substantially by leaching valuable heat and cooled air out through tiny, invisible cracks caused by drying and settling around the frame, as well as through warping and deterioration of the seals. Replacing your home's windows with modern, energy-efficient windows can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 10 percent!

Window Replacement Services with StockmohrLewiston Window Replacement

Stockmohr is a family owner local business that specializes in all models of window replacement in Lewiston, including special orders and unique or one-of-a-kind windows. Cooler weather and the snow and rain that comes with winter can mean unexpected surprised for homeowners in Lewiston. Windows may show condensation, leaking, mold or icing. These issues indicate air and heat loss, as well as moisture build-up. Over time, problems such as these can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and can even harm the structural integrity of your home if left unrepaired. Mold and mildew damage can even harm your family.

Your home is your greatest investment and Stockmohr's highly trained employees know that cutting corners is no way to treat your castle. Our team will take the time to walk you through every step of the window replacement process and ensure you are fully satisfied with your new windows. Lewiston's window replacement team of friendly and professional Stockmohr employees can increase your home's curb appeal by thousands and save you money on your utility bills. Stockmohr has top of the line customer service and the most in-demand brands of windows, why would you choose anyone else?

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