Lockport Custom Doors

First impressions when someone enters your home is drawn from the front door.  Custom doors provide a sense of warmth as people enter your homes, making them anxious to see the rest of the house. StockMohr has over 30 years of expertise in crafting Lockport doors. StockMohr has provides the utmost style while maintaining superior customer service for their customers.

Lockport Exterior Doors

Lockport custom doorsStandard doors may be a good fit for your home, but the best way to maximize that first impression with visitors is through custom exterior doors. StockMohr offers doors with great style in addition to many other significant benefits. Customers look for a door that will provide protection, and ProSeries custom doors provide long-term protection from harsh weather and other outside factors. Energy efficient sidelights are another feature of these Lockport custom doors, providing ongoing energy savings for your home.

100% Customizable Doors

Possibly the greatest benefit to selecting the ProSeries for your Lockport custom doors is the fact that the doors are completely customizable. This allows the customer to choose the exact physical attributes for their door that will best suit their home, and this customization draws a lot of customers to choose StockMohr for their custom door provider. With five unique types of doors, hundreds of different glass options, and numerous paint and/or stain options, the number of possible customizable doors is very high. All these different material options give you 100% customizable doors, allowing the customer to make the very best door to fit their home.

A visit to StockMohr's showroom will give you the opportunity to see all the options that are available for Lockport custom doors. After viewing all the different options for paint, stain, glass, and different types of doors, you will be able to pick and choose which elements come together to create the perfect custom door for your home.


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