Niagara Falls Doors

Niagara Falls doorsDetermining the perfect time to replace your home's old doors is a question with no perfect answer. Whether your door is just starting to show signs of wear, or it is on its last legs, it really is up to you to decide when the door needs to be replaced. There are countless options for finding new doors, varying in durability, design and price. To help you decide on the perfect door for your home, our team at Stockmohr is ready to answer any questions you have!



Types of Replacement Doors


No matter what type of door you choose to use for your home, there are going to be positives and negatives. One option is a wooden door, which can consist of solid wood or have glass materials added to it as well. While wooden doors have a sturdy, they may warp without proper maintenance involving applying staining and finishes.  Metal doors are more durable than wooden doors, making them more dependable in the long run, but their designs may not be to your preference. Finally, there are fiberglass doors, which offer the sturdiness of metal doors with designs that can be made to imitate wooden appearances. 

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StockMohr provides numerous options for doors around Niagara Falls, both for the exterior and interior of your home. Our team can provide information for every type of door to help you make a decision for your home. Contact us today to learn more about the options we have!