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No part of a house is more important than the roof, which is why nothing is worse than a faulty roof. Whether it's from dry rot, mold, or some other kind of damage, an unsound roof is a significant safety hazard and needs to be replaced immediately. Just as important as getting the roof replaced is who replaces it. All Orchard Park roof replacement companies are not created equal, and a sub-par roof can be just as bad as a damaged roof. This is where the roof replacement experts at Stockmohr come in. 

About our Roof Replacement Services in Orchard Park 


To ensure that you get only the best roof to replace your old one, Orchard Park residents should call StockMohr , the number one home improvement company in Western New York. With over thirty years of experience, StockMohr has over 15,000 satisfied customers, including several Orchard Park roof replacement jobs. Family owned and operated, StockMohr is a member of both the Better Business Bureau and the Home Improvement Council of Western New York.

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StockMohr uses only the best materials in our projects, and our trained and experienced installers will install them to manufacturer specifications, so that you'll still have all of the manufacturer's warranties.

Once StockMohr finishes a job, the installation crew will leave your home just as clean as it was at the start of your roof replacement job, ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way. StockMohr stands by our work, and will address any issues long after the installation crew has finished up and gone home.

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