Tonawanda Door Installation

Tonawanda Door InstallationAs Jack Frost comes nipping at the noses of New Yorkers, wicked winter weather finds it's way into Tonawanda. With the biting winds and mile high snowdrifts comes high energy bills. Homeowners everywhere are looking for new and innovative ways to cut the costs of those high heat bills without sacrificing comfort your own home. Heat leaks in a home can be costly and can contribute hundreds of unnecessary dollars to a heating bill, especially in the middle of a long, cold winter. As temperatures drop it is always a good idea to evaluate your home for heat leaks.

Heat Loss with Old Doors

One of the most common places to lose heat in homes is at doors. Some heat loss is due to poorly fitting doors, especially due to warping or shifting over the years. However, in older homes, many times heat loss is simply due to poorly insulated doors. The technology that has gone into making energy-efficient doors has improved by leaps and bounds over the past two decades. Doors are now better insulated than ever and are fitted within a frame by computer aided design, rather than by hand. This leads to a better seal, reducing heat loss and saving money on heating bills.

New Door Installation with Stockmohr

By replacing older doors in your Tonawanda home you can save on your heating bill and make your home more energy-efficient and attractive. Exterior doors are often the most commonly requested Tonawanda door installation, but don't forget about the heat that seeps out through doors to garages, breezeways, mud rooms and seasonal porches. It is easy to think of your front door when you think about energy loss, but these interior doors can often account for much more heat loss than the obvious exterior doors. Contact Stockmohr today to have a evaluation and quote provided for your Tonawanda door installation and don't pay one more cent towards an energy bill that isn't heating up your home.