WNY Vinyl Siding

wny vinyl sidingHaving quality vinyl siding installed can be a great addition to your Western New York home. Choosing vinyl siding can save you time and energy, as it is practically maintenance-free. You won’t have to scrape and re-paint vinyl siding as it is resistant to many environmental factors that other materials would deteriorate in. StockMohr provides a great team of siding professionals who have the experience necessary to take on the toughest jobs across WNY. With all our customization options available, you will be sure to find the right siding to fit the personality of your home.

Professional Vinyl Siding Installation

Consulting the right contractor for your vinyl siding installation can make all the difference. StockMohr has a highly trained team that can quickly transform the siding around your home. With more than 30 years in the home improvement business and over 1,000 homes serviced in the region, StockMohr has established a reputation as a trusted company capable of installing durable siding across WNY.

Vinyl Siding Options

We offer a wide array of custom options for your home's vinyl siding. With Good, Better, and Best grades of custom vinyl siding, StockMohr has a solution that will fit your budget. With 75 colors available for vinyl siding, plus multiple length options to provide a seamless appearance, we will help you find beautiful siding that covers all your needs.

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