WNY Window Replacement

wny window replacementFrom time to time, windows will take damage and may need to be replaced. When you look for a new window, you could be looking for a major upgrade to your home. Some windows are difficult to open and close or are not insulated properly, wasting energy in your home. Depending on your budget you may find some limitations in a new window replacement, however, there are plenty of options available to match your needs. 

Window Replacement Styles

Our services cover quick replacements and more detailed projects through two styles of work. This way, we can better serve our customers across WNY who have different goals. The first option is simpler replacement style window installation. No work is done to the window frame in your home, instead, you choose and install a window that fits in your original frame. This solution is extremely cost-effective and relatively quick as well.

For a more extensive procedure, StockMohr also offers knock-out new construction style window replacement. With this, the old window frame is stripped down all the way to the studs. Then, our team will provide a totally new interior trim and exterior clad trim before installing the new window. This method gives you maximum glass space, and by sizing precisely to your frame it gives you a fantastic energy saving window. However, this option is more time-consuming and expensive to cover additional labor and materials.

Receive Your Free Estimate

StockMohr has provided over 15,000 window replacements throughout Western New York over 30 years of business. We can quickly determine what kind of replacement style and window fits your home the best. Contact our team today for a free estimate and enjoy your new windows soon!