Winterize Your Buffalo Home With These Projects

Winter Home ProjectsHas Buffalo’s tough winter got you feeling like you haven’t prepared well enough? Have no fear, you still have time to step up your home’s defense against the cold. With the weather dropping below zero, you’re probably starting to feel cold drafts you may not have felt earlier in the season. You may have programmed your thermostat to combat the changing temperatures, or prepped your furnace with new filters for the heating season, but there are a few home improvement projects that will add extra protection against the elements and then some! 

Storm doors

During a Buffalo winter, you can’t really have too many layers of protection from the cold. Storm doors not only help keep drafts out, but they also protect your entry door from damage from harsh weather. A relatively affordable project, a storm door is an easy way to keep your entryway more secure and your home more comfortable.

Siding + insulation

Feeling a draft? It could be your siding or lack of proper insulation. Early winter is a great time to update your siding before spending all season with high heating bills! If the exterior of your home is cracked, you’ll surely be cold inside--even with heat. It’s easy to cover up gaps with towels or blankets that you may find on the inside around windows or doors, but that won’t help with the exterior siding of your home. While new siding may not have been on your list of winter projects, it will make the season a lot more bearable along with many winters to come. 


So, you bought a window insulation kit to wrap around and tape all your windows; but, how much has it helped? Installing storm windows can help block out drafts and add a new layer of protection for your existing window system. Faulty windows are also a huge cause of winter discomfort! If you need replacement windows, wrapping them with plastic won’t do much.

Trim trees and brush

If you’ve been too busy shoveling or snow blowing to trim any trees or hanging brush that are looming over your home, it’s time to get to it. Branches that accumulate snow and ice can break and damage your home. Of course, it’s best to get this task done before the ice is a factor, but if you can safely take care of it then you should. A buildup of snow on your roof can contribute to ice dams and further home damage, so trim any trees that may be dropping extra snow onto your roof!

Need help keeping your home comfortable for winter in Buffalo? We know how to make a difference! Contact Stockmohr today for all your winter home improvement questions and needs.