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Great Lake Window’s ComfortSmart product line offers a sleek, streamlined look. These hand-crafted windows provide an open viewing area, perfect for framing picturesque views.

ComfortSmart windows feature combinations of Low-E coatings, gas fills and multiple panes of glass to keep your home comfortable all year. For additional insulation, Great Lakes Window offers its patented high-density insulation, SmartCore—which provides almost two times the insulating properties of typical fiberglass insulation. 

The ComfortSmart line offers customers a wide variety of styles, colors, grilles, hardware and glass options, so you can personalize your windows to fit the needs of your home, while increasing your home’s beauty. To learn more about installing ComfortSmart windows in your home, contact Stockmohr for a free estimate today!



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Key Features

  • Handcrafted, high performing
  • Customizable (styles, colors, grilles, hardware, glass)
  • Optional SmartCore insulation (almost twice the insulating properties of typical fiberglass)
  • Insulated interior glazing tower (creates insulating pocket for enhanced thermal performance)
  • Optional RigidCore insulation (delivers unsurpassed strength and durability at the meeting rail of double hung and sliding windows)


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