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Great Lake Window’s affordable HarborLight product line is a great value. These windows are durable and easy-to-maintain, and will enhance any home. Hand-crafted HarborLight windows are made with cutting-edge technology and will bring your home a beautiful, classic look.

As one of the most respected vinyl replacement window brands in the country, Great Lakes Window is committed to helping homeowners save on energy costs and create better living environments. That’s why Great Lakes Window is proud to offer its value line of vinyl replacement windows, the HarborLight series.

HarborLight windows are built to resist the heat and cold, offering four-season comfort. Our windows meet or exceed the current standards for ENERGY STAR Version 6.0 requirements in all 50 states and can exceed the requirements for the Northern Zone with select glass packages. Double or triple-pane glass units with high-performance Low-E coatings make HarborLight windows more energy efficient. For maximum insulation, you can opt to fill the air space between the panes with argon gas.

The HarborLight line from Great Lakes Window is a great value. It offers customers a wide variety of styles, colors, grilles, hardware and glass options, so your windows fit your home’s needs and aesthetic. All Great Lakes Window products also come with a lifetime limited warranty for your peace of mind. To learn more about the benefits of installing HarborLight windows in your home, contact Stockmohr today for a free estimate!



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Key Features

  • Affordable, durable and easy to maintain
  • Optional child safety latches
  • Customizable (styles, colors, grilles, hardware, glass)
  • Multi-Chamber Sash and Frame Design (Creates stronger, more durable frame with insulating pockets for greater energy efficiency)
  • Full and half-size removable extruded aluminum screens for easy cleaning
  • Double hung and sliding window styles feature a sleek cam-action sash lock
  • Casement and awning styles feature a multi-point locking system for maximum security
  • SureLok Sill with hidden, integrated interlock (Keeps the weatherstripping intact for enhanced weather-tight performance)


Great Lakes Window HarborLight
Great Lakes Window HarborLight